Sea Mercy is a Remote Island Service Delivery Platform

With the international yachting community (volunteer vessels) and our planned Sea Bridge One vessel, we provide our island nation and any NGO partners with a low cost (or free) service delivery platform to support their remote island health, agriculture, education, infrastructure, economic and ecological initiatives/programs. It allows us to stand in the gap with our volunteer vessels until they are able to build their own service delivery platform.

Until the health care infrastructure can be rebuilt within these devastated communities, Sea Mercy and our fleet of Floating Health Care Clinic vessels will be bringing medical care to those in the more remote communities. Volunteer with us and sail with a greater purpose.

With the support of the International Yachting Community and guidance from our partners on the ground in the Caribbean, Sea Mercy was honored to be asked to lead the Disaster Response & Recovery efforts in the Caribbean on their behalf.

Sea Mercy's RISE Program economic development of Virgin Coconut Oil and Dilo Oil for the remote islands is addressing the economic cause of the over-fishing of their fragile remote island reefs, not the symptoms. Join us in helping save the reefs one remote island at a time.

OmniAccess Marine Network Solutions, one of the world’s leading marine network solutions provider for Superyachts, has joined the growing list of benevolent International Yachting Community members who are donating their valuable products and services to help enhance the effectiveness of the new 35m Sea Bridge One vessel being built for Sea Mercy.

With Education & Research being one of the four pillars of Sea Mercy’s remote island programs (health, education, economic development and disaster response), we are extremely excited to announce that the Founders and Directors of Acton Academy Schools have generously pledged $100,000 toward the Sea Bridge One vessel build fund. We look forward to more educational institutions joining us.

We wanted to take a moment to thank the silent heroes that have allowed Sea Mercy to have the incredible success and impact on the people living on the remote islands of the South Pacific. Without your support and belief in our crazy "Sailing with a greater purpose" concept 5 years ago, the thousands of remote island communities that we now serve would have little hope or resources available to them in their battle for a future.

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