On February 12th, Cyclone Gita (Category 4+) rolled over Tonga's most heavily populated island of Tongatapu, leaving behind a path of destruction and devastated communities. Sea Mercy's Clear Horizons program is preparing to respond with desalination units for clean drinking water, emergency shelters for operational hospitals and schools, and disaster response teams to assist the people in need. Please keep the people of Tonga in your thoughts and prayers and if you are able, please make a donation to help us expand our level of care and service in Tonga.

Our Clear Horizons program (follow link for more information) is empowering the yachting community and changing the way aid organizations respond to natural disasters. This program is not designed to replace the important and vital role the international aid organizations and governments play, but to support them by standing in the gap for them until they can organize and deliver their massive amounts of incoming international aid.

Sea Mercy’s Amatasi Project links community groups in Australia (and around the world) with remote communities in Fiji and other Pacific island nations through the construction and donation of an ecologically and economically sustainable fishing vessels. To empower local communities to be self-sufficient in a sustainable manner and to support, educate and train local populations in the lost art of transport using the wind.

Although Sea Mercy's Volunteers are the life-blood of our programs, our incredible sponsors are heart that keeps our programs alive by pumping the resources needed to them. There are sponsors that require a return on their investment for their members and directors, and there sponsors that prefer that their gift or support remains invisible. Generation Strategies has been one of those silent sponsors.

Sea Mercy's RISE Program economic development of Virgin Coconut Oil and Dilo Oil for the remote islands is addressing the economic cause of the over-fishing of their fragile remote island reefs, not the symptoms. Join us in helping save the reefs one remote island at a time.

OmniAccess Marine Network Solutions, one of the world’s leading marine network solutions provider for Superyachts, has joined the growing list of benevolent International Yachting Community members who are donating their valuable products and services to help enhance the effectiveness of the new 35m Sea Bridge One vessel being built for Sea Mercy.

With Education & Research being one of the four pillars of Sea Mercy’s remote island programs (health, education, economic development and disaster response), we are extremely excited to announce that the Founders and Directors of Acton Academy Schools have generously pledged $100,000 toward the Sea Bridge One vessel build fund. We look forward to more educational institutions joining us.

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