Northern Lau Food Initiative

Mission Accomplished. Thank you!

Our sincere thanks to everyone who put a little in to help us meet our goal for the food initiative. A special thanks to Jose Castello for his birthday matching request wish and all those who supported him on his birthday. The food has been purchased is on its way to the Northern Lau group to meet the nutritional needs there. We will keep you posted on its progress and distribution.

Below is a unique donation button specifically used for this initiative. 100% of funds donated through this link be go towards the Northern Lau Food Initiative. Thank you!

Standing in the Gap with Food Assistance

The Lau islands of Avea, Cikobia and Susui lie within the reef system of Vanua Balavu in Fiji’s Northern Lau group. Their communities make up a little over a fifth of the area’s population of 1200. Many cruisers will have sailed through here and enjoyed the hospitality of these friendly and generous people.

Traditionally the village fishermen have sold fish to the government fishery in Vanua Balavu and it is with that cash that they purchase their household staples such as rice, flour and cooking oil. They supplement these supplies with cassava, grown on their island farms. The travel and economic restrictions resulting from Covid-19 prevention measures have meant that there is currently no market for their fish. Consequently they have no money with which to shop. Recent heavy rains have destroyed the majority of their cassava crop, the roots rotting in the sodden soil. These are hard working island communities, still struggling fully to recover from the devastation of Cyclone Winston, 4 years ago. They do not ask for help lightly, nor are they looking for long term assistance.

They do not want a hand out ……………………so we are offering them a leg up.

Sea Mercy is fundraising to provide each person with 1 month of supplies until they can bring in their next cassava crop. A ferry, bound for Vanua Balavu, loads in Suva on Wednesday 13th May and we want to put the following supplies on it for the 75 affected households:

  • Flour, rice, sugar, cooking oil, mosquito coils and soap.

In order to achieve this, we need to raise FJD10,000 (NZ$ 7300/ US$ 4400) by next Monday lunchtime. That’s a little over FJD 1, per person, per day, for a month. As always, 100% of all monies raised by Sea Mercy go to those in need.

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