Farewell Vanuatu - Cyclone Pam 2015

Disaster Response Fleet Report - 2015

On Thursday, March 14th, 2015, a Level 5 cyclone named Pam, tore through the island nations of Vanuatu, leaving death and destruction in its path. As we did last year for Tonga following the destruction of Cyclone Ian, Sea Mercy (www.seamercy.org) sent our volunteer fleet of disaster relief vessels to assist in what was described by Oxfam's Vanuatu director as “One of the worst disasters ever seen in the Pacific, the scale of humanitarian need will be enormous... entire communities have been blown away.”

Loaded with emergency food, shelter, tools, and medical supplies, our team of doctors, captains and crews sailed directly from Fiji to Southern Shefa Province, the hardest hit remote area in Vanuatu. Over a 45 day period they worked their way north, visiting the remote villages on the islands of Aneityum, Tanna and Erromango. Devastated islands and villages that had not received aid or medical care since the cyclone had passed. Some of the villages were located near the shoreline, but many villages were located inland and required the medical and aid teams to travel by foot to carry the supplies and medical care to them.

Upon their arrival in Port Vila, the capital and where the international aid organizations and aid was staged, our vessels were shifted from “Disaster Response” to “Disaster Recovery” work. This focused our efforts and teams on delivering aid, equipment and medical care that would assist the remote villages on Epi, Ambrym and the Pentecost islands to gradually return to a self-sustaining state with regards to food and water. This required the delivery of water tanks, roofing and guttering for water catchment, and tools and equipment for planting crops and proper shelter before the cyclone season returns in October/November.

After 5 months of service, and reaching the end of our visa approvals, Sea Mercy and our Disaster Relief Fleet will be ending operations in Vanuatu. Although there is still much work left to be done and remote islanders in need, we must honor the request of our island nation partner and gradually send our vessels back to their home ports.

On the following pages are the Impact Results that our Disaster Response Fleet had during their time in Vanuatu. Our captains and volunteers are the true heroes of all the was accomplished by Sea Mercy and deserve all the credit for their hearts and efforts while serving there.

We ask you to join us in thanking and honoring them with this report and for their amazing accomplishments.

Sea Mercy Response

Reconnaissance and planning:

Sea Mercy Disaster Response Director in country for 3 weeks prior to deployment of vessels
Compliance to national laws and cultural protocols
Registration of Foreign Medical Teams, and vessels with Quarantine, Customs and Immigration
Established relationships with NDMO, Ministry of Health, Director General and Secretary Generals and registered to work within the cluster system
Develop response plan, supply lists, sailing route and schedule
Purchase supplies
Organize loading
Continued Oversight of response

2 Medical Aid Vessels Deployed

S/V “Lil' Explorers” ( Courage Winter, Dr. Shannon Grant and Dr. Kim Johnson)
S/V “Salsa” (Staffan Ehde and Dr. Ellinor Ristoff)

4 Humanitarian Aid Vessels Deployed

S/V “Chez Nous” ( Jonathan and Donna Robinson)
M/V“Buffalo Nickel” (Stan and Valerie Creighton)
S/V “Darramy” ( Brian Wallace and Susan Dracott)
S/V “Persephone” (Brian and Sandra Hanner)

Medical Summary

Clinics: 19 clinics held with 1006 patients treated
Lead Physicians: Dr. Shannon Grant & Ellinor Ristoff
Assisting Physician: Dr. Kimberly Johnson

1. Clinic Location: Angehowhat - Patients seen 37
2. Clinic Location: Port Patrick - Patients seen 68
3. Clinic Location: Generaui - Patients seen 19
4. Clinic Location: Yang Kateley - Patients seen 17
5. Clinic Location: Enalpat/Hebron - Patients seen 22
6. Clinic Location: Launapakil - Patients seen 23
7. Clinic Location: Launabiau - Patients seen 39
8. Clinic Location: South River Bay - Patients seen 92
9. Clinic Location: Ponkel - Patients seen 105
10. Clinic Location: Port Narvin - Patients seen 60*
11. Clinic Location: Saventer Aid Post, South Epi - Patients 72
12. Clinic Location: Jumasume, Epi - Patients seen 56
13. Clinic Location: Loltong - Patients seen 69
14. Clinic Location: Namaram - Patients seen 35
15. Clinic Location: Namaram - Patients seen 5
16. Clinic Location: Wali, Pentecost - Patients seen 60
17. Clinic Location: Point, Epi Date - Patients seen 43
18. Clinic Location: Malvasie, Epi - Patients seen 22
19. Clinic Location: Wali, Pentecost - Patients seen 69

* Sea Mercy's medical teams also saw 40 school children with YAWS or YAWS like symptoms in Port Narvin.

Medical Evacuation

Sea Mercy performed a medical evacuation from outer islands to Vila general hospital.

Medical Supplies From Sea Mercy for Clinics

Ciprobiotic Forte Tabs 500mg (Ciprofloxacin), Antibiotics, 5 bottles x 100 pills
Loperamide caps 2mg (Nodia), Anti Diarrhoeal, 1 bottle x 400 pills
Neomycin Cream 0.5%, Antibiotic, 15gm x 58 tubes
Paracetamol Tabs 500mg, Analgesic, 100 x 10
Betadine Antiseptic Sol, Antiseptic, 500ml x 28
KP24 Metal Nit Comb, Pyrethroid, 14
Elimate Cream (Permethrin), Pyrethroid, 30g x 70 tubes
Azik Tabs (Azithromycin), Antibiotics, 500mg x30pills x 1 bottle,
Loperamide 2 mg 12 caplets per box x 7 boxes
Good neighbor pharmacy triple antibiotic cream 12 x 1 ounce tubes
Quali test pharmaceuticals miconazole cream 2% 10 x 1 ounce
Swan (vi-Jon) hydrogen peroxide 6 bottles x 32 ounces
Swan 70% isopropyl alcohol 2 bottles x 32 ounces
Unipharm mebendazole.30 ml x 12 bottles
Permethrine creme 30 mg 70 tubes
Canestan Cream (Clotrimazole 1%) Antifungal 10gm x 33 tubes
Antibiotic cream 20-30 mg each x 58 tubes
Anti-fungal cream 20-30 mg each x33 tubes
Paracetamol 28 jars
loperamide anti diarrhea 7 boxes
Tablets Axitromycin 500 mg 1 bottle
Tablets Ciprofloxacin 500 mg 1 bottle
Centrum multivitamins 10 bottles x 100 pills and 10 bottles x 30 pills
Kirkland brand multivitamin 1 bottle x 500 pills
60 GSL Multivitamin Tabs 30 pills x 60 bottles
60 bottles Multivitamins
70 gauze bandage rolls
28 ace bandages
28 rolls medical tape
19 boxes Band Aid
36 bottles of hydrogen peroxide 6% 200 ml
28 bottles iodine 500 ml
14 boxes lice comb
14 boxes latex gloves
6 size 12 WOW Gauze Bandage 3" x 5 yards
28 Fitzroy Crepe Bandages 7.5cm x 4.5m 2.50
28 Hypo Allergenic Paper Tape, Dressing tape, 5cm x 9.1
19 Fitzroy Fabric Plasters Regular, Plasters, 25
36 Hydrogen Peroxide 6% Sol, Antiseptic, 100ml
14 While Nitrile Latex Gloves medium Large count 100 x 14 boxes
PVC Bags 50mm x 75mm, Dispensing Bags 1000 count x 1 box
500 pairs of reading glasses

Medical Resupply for Aid Posts

16 Medical Units

Medical Unit contents:
Gauze Rolls x 5, Ace Bandages x 2, Rolls Medical Tape x 2, Band Aid Boxes x 2, Hydrogen Peroxide Bottles x 3, Iodine Bottles x 2, Lice Comb x 1, Neomycin antibiotic tubes x 5, Permethrin tubes x 5, Clotrimazole tubes x 3, Tylenol pills x 70, Loperamide pills 32, Gloves box x 1, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss/picks.

Medical Supplies Delivered for Vanuatu Ministry of Health

10 boxes Medical Supplies from Dr. Moise, Diabetes Test Kit x 1, Yaws Rapid test kit from Port Vila, Heath center: package of nutrition packs from WHO

Humanitarian Aid Summary

Life Units Provided by Sea Mercy

16 Life Units
Life Units contents:
400kg rice, 400kg split peas, 27.2kg peanut butter, 80kg breakfast crackers in buckets, 34kg corned beef, 8 hammers, 6 machetes, 20lbs nails, 50 packets fishing hooks, 1250m fishing line

Fuel and Oil

20 litres gasoline, 1 litre 2 stroke oil, 60 litres diesel fuel, 40 litres gasoline, 1 case chainsaw bar oil, 1 container generator oil, 1 container lubricating oil.

Miscellaneous Supplies From Sea Mercy

Community center: large tarp, 10kg roofing nails, balls with pump and needle for school children, miscellaneous hand tools, variety of tinned food, sugar, rice, salt, flour, cooking oil, powdered milk, soap, toothpaste and brushes, sanitary napkins, misc personal care items, box of bandaging materials and wound care supplies, clothing, 10 kg of seeds, tents, small and large tarpaulins, sleeping bags, calico fabric, small and large tools, roofing and regular nails, clothing, 2 pairs of lights.

Food Delivered for other NGOs

6 tonnes WFP food distributed by embarked staff from Samaritan's Purse consisting noodles, rice, tinned tuna, Russian tinned meat, 95 cases of tinned fish


Medical Reporting & Needs Assessment

21 Medical reports submitted to the Vanuatu Ministry of Health
15 official Needs Assessment reports
12 unofficial reports submitted to the NDMO

Water Aid Summary

Delivery of 5,100 1 litre bottled water
Delivery of 1,000 1.5 litre bottled water
Delivery of 2 water purification systems provided by WHO
Well over 100,000 litres of water catchment and containment systems installed and or repaired

Water Tanks & Filters Delivered

2 x 10,000 litre fibreglass water tanks delivered
11 x 1100 litre tanks delivered
9 LifeStraw Community sized filters
3 filters to medical centres Tongoa, Emai, and Tonganika (for WHO)
40 Family Water filters to Emai, Tonganika and Belinga

Water System Repairs

Delivered 1 ton of concrete for cistern repair completed on Aiwi
Emae: repairing/installation of water catchment systems at the medical center and for the school dormitories
Delivered fittings for the water tanks and instructing the villagers in how to install the taps, enabling them to store over 30,000 litres of water
Installed two tanks and guttering from the church roof on Aiwi with overflow into the cistern which should store 50000 litres
Repair of two cisterns on Avokh

Village Repairs

Repaired 2 community fishing boats, in the villages of Reisu and Marae which represent the primary or sole means of income for the populations of these villages
Installed lighting and instructed the villagers on the use of their new generator.

Thank You!

A Special “thank you” to the following Sea Mercy Partners, Champions, and organizations for their support and donations:

Port Denarau Marina (Nadi, Fiji)
Matson Navigation Company
Kuehlthau Family Foundation
Multicultural Association of Southern Oregon
YachtHelp (Nadi, Fiji)
Rotary Club of Ashland Oregon
The Many Individual Donors
Sea Mercy’s Disaster Relief Captains & Crew
Sea Mercy’s Disaster Relief Medical Teams

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