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Diabetes - Education, Nutrition & Exercise

With one of the highest rates of diabetes in the world, the devastation it causes is literally stealing the future of the people living on the remote islands of the South Pacific. Sea Mercy's RISE program is designed to address the educational and nutritional side of diabetes, teaching them to grow healthy crops and follow a healthy diet, but also the third crucial foundation to overcoming diabetes. Exercise. Our Sports & Exercise program is designed to make exercising fun on the remote islands and to encourage the activity needed if they are to live long and healthy lives.

Program Leader - Kim Yeater

Sea Mercy is very excited to have Superbodies in Motion President, Kim Yeater, leading our Sports & Exercise Programs (personal fitness, volleyball, swimming, yoga, and more). Kim brings a passion for health & fitness that has inspired and transformed the lives of Southern Californians of all ages and is looking forward to taking those skills and programs and making a difference in the South Pacific. With one of the highest rates of diabetes in the world, diet, exercise and education the sports
& exercise program is the other pillar the nutrition

I'm so excited to be leading this program for Sea Mercy and look forward to working with and building my Sports & Exercise Team to help teach and inspire the people of Batiki. Whether you're an athlete or a weekend warrior, the talent you bring is secondary to your ability to inspire others to great health.

Exercise and athletic programs are an important part of any healthy community, not only physically, but mentally too. Rugby, Netball, Soccer, Volleyball, and Cricket are all sports that are loved by Fijians. The challenge is having the equipment and courts in place to support the various school and village teams. It also is about finding common sports and activities that every villager (young and old) can participate in, that will encourage exercise and activity, and can help unify the villages and create community. We believe there are several common sport and exercise program that can create the added personal drive and incentive for all the villagers to get and stay healthy and in shape.

Our goal for the 'at risk' remote islands of the South Pacific is to design a lifestyle program that is not only simple, fun, and effective, but one that can have a healthy impact on all the citizens (young and old). With other RISE Programs addressing the healthy diet issues, our Sports & Exercise programs will focus on adding daily activity to enhance the impact of their new healthy diet.

Sports & Exercise Activities

Finding a sport that is embraced by a community, that can be 'played by all' yet easily expanded into highly competitive school, village and inter-island programs and events is not a simple task. With so many to chose from, Sea Mercy has selected two sports that we fell fits this unique need; Volleyball and Swimming. In addition, we have selected two exercise programs that will not only support the two sports, but also meet the needs of those not able to participate in them, Yoga and Personal Fitness.

Volleyball -

An incredible sport that is fun (yet competitive), easy to setup (and take down), able to be played outside (small footprint), and open to all ages and levels of competitiveness. Our goal is to train and encourage participation of as many of the villagers as possible during the 4-week RISE Program and to have a Batiki-wide (4 villages) RISE Volleyball Tournament at the end of the program. I'm still looking for the 'Volleyball' Team Leader!

Swimming -

Swimming is something that can be enjoyed by young and old, is low impact on the body (joints), uses the vast majority of the muscle groups, and can be recreational and competitive. This program will be led by Sue Dague (see below bio) with the following goals:

  • To establish one permanent safe swimming environment on the island
  • To teach basic water safety principles
  • To promote adult health and fitness through aquatics
  • To promote a children's learn to swim program

    Sue's Bio:
    Sue has been swimming for over 50 years. Her swim experience includes competitive swimming, life-guarding, Water Fitness, Open Water Swimming and Marathon Swimming. She also has training in Water Safety Instruction. Sue has swam and competed all over the world and enjoys sharing the joy and peace swimming brings.

Personal Fitness -

Understanding the unique needs, goals and challenges faced by each villager is vital to helping them find a path the health. We will be consulting and implementing Personal Fitness programs to encourage activity and Community Yoga training to provide vital low impact stretching and muscle movement activity for all age groups.

Kim's bio:
Like most of you, I had found myself so busy taking care of everyone else’s needs that my personal self-care went by the way side, impacting me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. After I made a decision to make my self-care a priority, I awoke my inner Super Hero and now want to help others do the same! I am passionate about helping you remove unwanted weight, establish life changing habits for a healthier lifestyle, increase self-esteem and helping YOU keep the weight off for good! I use my Boot Camps, Coaching, and Wellness Program as a mechanism to help YOU break through old patterns and limitations helping YOU discover your unlimited potential.

My wellness journey began twenty-three years ago, when I delved into the fitness training arena with five-time World Kickboxing Champion, “Golden Boy”, Jerry Trimble. After training with Jerry Trimble, I trained in various highly ranked Boxing clubs throughout San Diego and Los Angeles Counties. Since then, I have trained hundreds of clients through Boot Camps, Personal Training, and sporting events (e.g. Sprint Triathlons/Duathlons, Spartan Races, Mud Runs etc.). Also, I have trained my clientele in the area of Boxing & Kickboxing, Strength & Conditioning, Speed & Agility, Cross Fit Style Training and Pilates & Yoga Fusion.

We Need Your Help!

I'm building my team of Sports & Exercise Program Volunteers to lead the above programs and to purchase the equipment needed to support each program. Here is how you can help:


Volleyball Players/Trainers - If you have played or coached competitive level volleyball, consider joining the RISE Program for one, two or all four weeks in Fiji (I'm looking for 4-6 people).

Swimmers & Trainers - If you swim competitively and love teaching people, then consider joining the RISE program.

Yoga Instructors - If you are a Yoga instructor or well versed in Yoga principles and techniques, then consider joining the RISE Program.

In-Kind Donations

Equipment - Swimming Goggles (all sizes), Volleyballs (beach), Yoga Mats. These are items that can be easily carried in our volunteers luggage

Financial Donations

Equipment - Professional grade nets/poles. Due to their weight and size, these items are often held by customs. What we cannot bring with us, we will need to purchase either locally in Fiji or ordered and/or shipped to the Sea Mercy office in Fiji (in advance)

Team Travel Assistance - Some of us are blessed financially more than others and our goal is to never miss an opportunity to have the right people join us due to the costs involved, so please help is possible.

Make a Donation Today!

Please select the below Donate button. Any donation* amount towards the RISE Sports & Exercise Program will make a huge difference in the lives of those living in the South Pacific.

*Sea Mercy is a US based, IRS approved 501(c)3 Charity and all donations are tax deductible.

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