Healthy, Self-Sustaining, Thriving Communities

Trouble in Paradise

Just 50 years ago the people on the remote islands of the South Pacific lived in perfect balance with the land and sea. Their fertile soil provided for abundant crops (nutrition) and the nearby reefs provided an endless supply of fish (protein). This symbiotic balance and paradise-like environment created one of the world's healthiest and happiest people. However, with the influence of the western diet and economic culture, this perfect balance has been ruined. In pursuit of desperately needed income for education and healthcare, their once bountiful reefs are being over-harvested and their knowledge of farming is rapidly fading.

Fortunately, Sea Mercy's RISE Program is determined to restore the balance. This August, over 35 international volunteers (see below) will be giving of their time (2-4 weeks) and talents to provide the critical training and required equipment needed to support the first of hundreds of remote island communities in their quest to return to the healthy and self-sustaining, thriving communities they once were. As you can imagine, this is an daunting task and we need our help.

Please help us make a difference

Sea Mercy is a US-based 501(c)3 non-profit charity. Being 100% volunteer based (no paid staff), all donations go directly to support the remote island programs. Your donation will allow us to expand the below services we can provide the people of Batiki:

  • Soils Training - soils testing equipment, classroom & hands-on training, books and support materials
  • Medical Care - diabetes screening (HbA1c) and medical care
  • Eye Care - screening and delivery of reading and near-sighted glasses
  • Farming Tools & Equipment - hand tools, fencing, water tanks, irrigation, seeds, wheelbarrows, etc.
  • Income Production Tools & Equipment - Virgin Coconut & Dilo Oil Production (scarpers, dryers, presses, storage containers, etc.)
  • Sports & Exercise Equipment - To promote active & healthy communities (volleyball, rugby, netball, etc.)

Thank you for your donation!

Every donation makes a difference, so thank you for your support.

2017 RISE Volunteers

Below is our incredible RISE Volunteer team members for 2017.

  • Dr. Kevin Campbell
  • Dr. Suzy Feigofsky
  • Dr. Kawehi Au
  • Pamrose Sitake
  • Dr. Anne Boyd
  • Mary McCurrie
  • Kate Collins
  • Bob & Denice Mackenzie
  • Wally & Sue Dague
  • Kim & Sarah Yeater
  • Jane Taylor
  • Eileen Walker
  • Jordan Casey
  • Trey Hackett
  • Renee Loheed
  • Joey & Madison Hungerford
  • Callum Drummond
  • Geoff Deutschmann
  • Alba Geilinger
  • Michael Holguin
  • Doug Strange
  • Roberto Carmona
  • Tony & Mikhail Whitton
  • James & Chantal Fine
  • Jonathan & Donna Robinson
  • Nigel & Susan Skeggs
  • David Jamieson
  • Rich & Stephanie Hackett
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