Global Sea Bridge Form

Below is the contact form to request more information on the Sea Bridge One vessel and how to support those efforts. If you would like to receive a copy of the Sea Bridge Business Plan or you are ready to make a pledge toward this project, all contact through this form is held in the strictest confidence. Thank you for your assistance and desire to help the people living on the thousands of "at risk" remote island communities.

Light a Village Program

Sea Mercy has found a way to bring hope and light to the remote island villages devastated by Cyclone Winston. Our "Light a Village" program provides a low cost and renewable Solar Lighting system for the individual homes and schools that have lost everything. Help us help them by learning more about this incredible program.

Susui island - Needs Assessment

Sea Mercy 2016 Mission
Susui Island

SV Peregrine & SV Remedy

UPDATE: July 7, 2016 Aid Request Needs:


Roofing Iron sheets
16 - 15'
25 - 11'
18 - 10'

Timber lengths
53 - 4" x2"
26 - 6" X 2"
36 - 3" X 2"

Tyrepower Supports Sea Mercy


Batiki Island Rebuilding Projects

Batiki Island

Batiki has a population of over 300 people living in the four villages on the island: Yavu, Mua, Manuku, Naigani. Of the four villages, Naigani was the hardest hit and in need of the greatest assistance and the primary focus of our rebuilding efforts on Batiki Island.


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