Save a Reef, Save a Life! - Dr. Anne Boyd

Can Coconut & Dilo Oil Help Save the Reefs?

RISE Health & Income Evaluation

This form is to be used by select RISE Personnel to gather valuable health, education and income data for future planning.

RISE Program - What to Bring?

Preparing for Fiji!

June Osborne - Sea Mercy Volunteer

The following is a list of items that (in my opinion) would be useful for your upcoming trip to Fiji:

First, let me say that Fiji and its people are wonderful, and you are about to embark on an amazing experience. I participated in the Sea Mercy rotation through the Lau Group last year, and returned from 3 weeks in Mbatiki, Ngua, and Makongai.

Save a Reef, Save a Life!

Can Coconut & Dilo Oil Help Save the Reefs?

Fijian Customs for Batiki Island

The Right Approach

By Callum Drummond, Bula Batiki

Going into a traditional Fijian village is a great honour, and something that few people ever get to experience. As such, Sea Mercy have been blessed to conduct the RISE program this August, and we would like to show as much gratitude and respect to the community as possible.


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