Solomon Islands & Vanuatu

Region 1

The Solomon Islands & Vanuatu are island nations are in the southwestern sector of the Sea Mercy target zones. We believe the health care needs of these two island nations is evenly balanced between a very strong need in the Solomon Islands, to a moderate need in Vanuatu. Their location is such that one floating clinic would be able to cover the more neglected "remote islands" needs in a one year time period.

Local Internships with Sea Mercy

Sea Mercy will be working directly with the governmental and educational agencies in each region to select medical, dental and eye care interns to travel and work with the Sea Mercy staff as they visit each remote island. Based on the selection of each intern, they will assist and work closely with their peirs to not only learn advanced techniques from the Sea Mercy staff, but to educate and train the Sea Mercy staff on the challenges and issues that the island nations are experiencing so that new and improved programs can be developed from hands on experience and guidance.

The South Pacific

The South Pacific

One of the most beautiful areas of the world, it is incredibly vast and blue and covers 11 million square miles of territory that includes over 20,000 islands. While collectively called the South Pacific, these islands are divided into three regions: Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia, each with its own cultural traditions, language variations and culinary specialties.

Becoming a Partner

Solomon Child - Photography by Sean Myles

Help us, help them

Our ability to meet the needs of the island nations in the South Pacific are tied directly to the support we receive from our partners. There are many ways you can assist Sea Mercy in achieving its mission and purpose. Consider the list below and if any fall within your ability to help, please contact us.


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