Marshall & Dr. Signe Juul

Welcome Aboard!

Marshall and Signe started working with Sea Mercy in 2018 and their volunteer role is expanding quickly to help us meet the needs in the South Pacific. Their dream and our goal for them is to have them lead the first Sea Mercy medical mission (Floating Health Care Clinic) program for the Solomon Islands and their 900+ remote islands. Signe and Marshall will be joining a Floating Health Care Clinic rotation in 2019 as they begin planning their purchase of their own vessel to join the growing Sea Mercy fleet of volunteer vessels in the South Pacific.

SMART Rain-tarp (for Shelter & Water)

Imagine the logistical savings in precious fuel and disaster aid space if the first delivery by a disaster response transport vessel was two lightweight containers per family. Containers that would provide each family with emergency shelter, eliminate their ongoing drinking water needs and allow all future transport efforts to focus on delivering valuable supplies to rebuild their homes and communities (instead of thousands of plastic water bottles).

2022 FHCC Program (South Pacific)

Register today to reserve your 2022 or 2023 Rotation in the South Pacific! With our Floating Health Care Clinic (FHCC) vessels operating from May through October, we have 7 different rotation dates for our volunteers to chose from. With medical, dental and ophthalmology care now being offered, there are incredible opportunities for all health care related volunteers to serve on each rotation.

Personal Fundraising Page - Nicolette Simeone

Welcome to my personal fundraising page!

This summer I plan to donate 2 weeks of my life and talents to help meet the needs in the South Pacific by volunteering with a non-profit 501(c)3 organization called Sea Mercy (

RISE University Internships

Recent RISE Program University Intern - Trey Hackett (Junior, Oregon State University)


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