2021 FHCC Volunteer Registration

COVID-19 Have closed our 2020 FHCC Rotations, but you can still register for upcoming rotations in 2021.


Adam Weedman, President

"Affiniscape is very excited about working with Sea Mercy to help make a difference for the people in the South Pacific. I've had the opportunity to work with Richard Hackett on several business related programs and have full confidence that he not only has the experience and ability to guide this program to success, he has the heart to do so. His passion, honesty and humility is a rare combination that will be of great service to this program. As such, Affiniscape looks forward to supporting this program and to assisting it in whatever is possible."

Team Building and Save!

Our "Team Building" program allows you to build your own Medical Missions dream team. Increase your fun, strengthen your current inner and outer office relationships, and reduce individual costs. How much more fun could it get than to volunteer in the South Pacific with your friends and co-workers!

Individual & Corporate Sponsors

Founding Sponsors

We would like to recognize those individuals who took a risk with us early in our program and invested their time and money in a shared dream. You will always hold a special place in our hearts and on our website:

  • The Ivey Family
  • The Mahr Family
  • The Loheed Family

Corporate Sponsors


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