My Life-changing Rotation with Sea Mercy

Although it has been several months since my Sea Mercy mission it still seems like just yesterday I was sailing the magical South Pacific with you and the other 20 Sea Mercy volunteers on one of the most amazing, life-changing trips of my life. I was lucky to be a part of the scouting mission last July sailing the islands of Fiji.

I was on the Rebelle, one of two vessels that sailed together for our two week journey. Xavier, the captain, and his wife Amanda immediately made the all the volunteers and I feel right at home. Xavier and Amanda were excellent hosts and took great care of the volunteers during our entire journey. The friends and memories made on this trip will last a lifetime. Both Xavier and Amanda taught us how to operate and live on a sailboat safely and fish in the ocean. We caught fresh Mahi Mahi and Yellow Fin tuna almost daily. We ate very well! Amanda was an excellent cook and so gracious.

As a Critical Care Registered Nurse and Nurse Educator it was so gratifying to be able to utilize my knowledge and skills to help a community in need. We were greeted with open arms and warm, smiling faces. The Fijian people were so friendly and genuinely appreciative for the medical, dental, and vision care our team brought to them. The people came often by the hundreds, walked for miles, and waited patiently for hours to be seen. They gathered together, sang songs, and laughed while waiting… sometimes all day.

What a gift it was to be able to learn about the Fijian people, their culture, history, and how they live…all the while being treated like family. Learning about sailing, the beautiful sights I saw, the friends I made, and all the new experiences in this simply amazing part of the world made for an amazing Sea Mercy journey.

I hope to return and volunteer once again!


Lori Naylor MSN/Ed, RN

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