Sea Mercy Sponsor Scholarship Funds

Each year there are hundreds of incredible health care volunteers that are unable to join Sea Mercy for a 2 week rotation. Some have given many years of their lives and talents to serve those locally and in 3rd world nations during times of emergencies (Katrina/Sandy - hurricane, Haiti - earthquake, Indonesia - tidal wave) and/or in service for those in need (Africa, South America, etc.).

In order to say "thank you" for their sacrifice, we have created the Sea Mercy Sponsor Scholarship Funds that will be used to help fund volunteers desires to join a rotation on behalf of an individual sponsor or organization. A Sponsor Scholarship provides the following to the Sponsor:

    1. Sea Mercy will showcase the Sponsors Scholarship on the website
    2. Sponsor determines the selection process criteria for the volunteer
    3. Sea Mercy will select a volunteer based on the sponsors criteria
    4. Sea Mercy will notify the volunteer on the sponsors behalf of their selection

If you or your organization is interested in starting a Sea Mercy Sponsors Scholarship, please use the contact form to email us your interest in this program.

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