Transit Needs

Have Fun Helping Us!

With the addition of each new Sea Mercy FHCC vessel that joins our growing Fleet and new island nation partners are added to our target regions, there are needs that come up that require outside assistance (and opportunities) to help our Sea Mercy Captains and vessels make their transitions from their current locations to our island nation partners where they will be working as a Floating Health Care Clinic for Sea Mercy. These relocation journeys provide for an incredible adventure opportunity for our volunteers and friends to join them and assist them as crew during these transits at a very affordable rate. Whether you're an experienced sailor or a relative novice, there may be a perfect South Pacific sailing adventure waiting for you.

Below are our current relocation opportunities that are available through Sea Mercy (click on a link for more information):

Sail with Sea Angel to Paradise

Six incredible legs to shoes from (North Carolina to Tonga)
This transit is completed and they are now serving in Tonga.

Email us if you would like to be considered/notified for future transit needs.

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