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The ‘desire to give’ has never been an issue within Sea Mercy’s community network of individual, corporate and NGO sponsors. However, the question of ‘how best to give’ and ‘how will it be used’ has always been the most important one to answer. When that is made clear, the support has always been there quickly and powerfully. As a 100% volunteer organization, 100% of all donations are used to secure the aid, transport costs and ‘last mile’ delivery to the devastated communities we serve.

In addition to the over $40,000 in staged Sea Mercy emergency aid (desalination units, filters and shelter), we’ve received direct financial support from Superyacht organizations who have sponsored over $35,000 US in Sawyer and Wateroam filters to help the Vanuatu NDMO in preventing and addressing dysentery outbreaks. We have had Airline and merchant shipping companies who have either discounted their services and/or offered to carry our emergency aid to where it is needed most, allowing Sea Mercy to use those shipping cost savings to acquire more emergency aid. We have received over $18,000 in donations from individuals wanting to assist the people in the South Pacific. The ‘last mile’ delivery of all of the above emergency aid could not have happened without the in-kind donations of logistics assistance and staff support from our local NGO and NDMO partners and friends embedded within our island nation partners.


Even with the COVID-19 challenges in front of us, with NDMO operational channels and approval processes now in place and key industry partnerships waiting to assist, Sea Mercy can extend our assistance timeline and capabilities from the Response phase and into the Recovery phase. Our plan is to base the level of response and recovery aid support Sea Mercy can provide on the financial and in-kind support and assistance provided by our supporters.

Thank you for you past and future support!

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