Impacting the South Pacific

Making a Difference in the South Pacific

With our last rotation of 2018 ending in October and the cyclone season beginning, we wanted to put a beautiful year ending bow on the 6th year of our program and share with our volunteers, partners, sponsors and followers the impact that they have had in the South Pacific and what is in store for 2019 and beyond. If serving the 100+ inhabited remote islands of Fiji and Tonga were not a big enough challenge, that addition of the disaster response work following Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu (6 vessels were sent), and our ongoing efforts following Cyclone Winston (Fiji) the needs and opportunities to help the remote islanders has grown exponentially. We wanted to take a moment to thank those who rose to the occasion and made this year's program such a huge success:

    The Sea Mercy Volunteers

    Our deepest appreciation and thanks to the 400+ health care volunteers, spouses and family members who gave of their time, talent and resources to join us on one of our Floating Health Care Clinics (FHCC) as we visited and served the citizens of these forgotten and neglected remote islands.

    The Sea Mercy Captains

    You and your vessels are the Face and Service Delivery Platform of Sea Mercy and we are so grateful for the personal sacrifices that you have made to be a part of this incredible program.

    The Sea Mercy Partners

    Scenic Hotels, Matson Shipping, Air New Zealand, Eyejusters, Karmoie, Port Denarau Marina, YachtHelp, Lions Club, Rotary, and Pearmund Cellars to name a few, your financial support and belief in our program has enabled us to expand our programs, to provide more care to those in need, and to keep our volunteer costs as low as possible. Thank you!

    The Hundreds of Individual Donors

    Your financial and in-kind support of our volunteers, our programs, and our operations has brought about an incredible change and level of care to the 1,000's of remote island citizens who do not have access to health care. Thank you for your support.

    Our Impact

    There are so many aspects of our program that do not fall into a "statistics" algorithm or spreadsheet. Things that cannot be measured, only felt or experienced by the volunteer or remote island patient served. The ability to restore sight, stop a deadly infection, restore a smile, remove an infected tooth, or to educate someone on healthy habits that can prolong their life. These are priceless moments in time that can change the destiny of a child, a mother, a parent, or grandparent. However, numbers also speak powerfully and the impact we have had shows just how hard everyone worked to make our young program such a huge success for our island nation partners:

    Below is a short video of a rotation on one of our Floating Health Care Clinics in the South Pacific.

    Floating Health Care Clinic Operations:

    Operational Season: 7 months. From April to October
    Island Nations: 2 nations. Fiji and Tonga
    Remote Islands: 150+ inhabited remote islands (100+ in Fiji and 50+ in Tonga)
    FHCC Vessels: 4 vessels. Dragonfly (65'), Segue (55'), Shine (48'), Rebelle (44'), Chez Nous (42'), and Sea Angel (44')
    Volunteers: 400+ (doctors, dentists, nurses, PA's, residents, pharmacists, dental hygienists, etc.)

    Eye Care Program (thank you Scenic Hotels, Karmoie and Lions Club)
    - Reading Glasses: 15,000+ (tested and distributed)
    - Eyejuster (Near-sighted) Glasses: 1000+ (tested and distributed)
    - 100+ diagnosed for future surgery teams
    Dental Care Program:
    - Dental Patients: 2,200 treated (3,000+ extractions)
    Diabetes Care Program:
    - 6,500+ screened, tested and treated
    - 320+ HbA1c testings
    Medical Care Program:
    - Over 25,000 patients were screened, evaluated and treated by our health care team

    Below is a short video of the Disaster Response & Recovery work in Fiji:

    Disaster Response Operations

    Disaster Type: Cyclone Ian (Tonga), Cyclone Pam (Vanuatu), Cyclone Winston (Fiji)
    Sea Mercy Vessels: 60+
    Duration: 12 months
    Aid Delivered: 150+ tons of aid delivered, $1,300,000 in shelter, food, water storage, and medical supplies delivered and 1,000+ patients treated

    Sea Bridge Program (Recovery & Rebuilding)

    Disaster: Cyclone Winston (Fiji)
    Sea Mercy Vessels: One Landing Craft, 60+ volunteer yachts
    Duration: Ongoing through 2018
    Aid Delivered: Food, water, lumber, roofing, guttering (water catchment), farm equipment, starters & seeds, tools & volunteers

    2018 and Beyond

    There are eleven island nation communities that Sea Mercy is targeting with our programs (see below), each are in desperate need of health care, education, and economic development assistance for their large number of remote islands.

    • The Kingdom of Tonga (1 primary island, 176 remote islands)*
    • The Republic of Fiji (2 primary islands, 332 remote islands)**
    • Solomon Islands (5 primary islands, 900+ remote islands)
    • Federated States of Micronesia (4 primary islands, 607 remote islands)
    • Palau (3 primary islands, 250 remote islands)
    • Vanuatu (2 primary islands, 81 remote islands)
    • The Marshall Islands (1 primary island, 34 remote islands)
    • Kiribati (1 primary island, 32 remote islands)
    • The Cook Islands (2 primary islands, 13 remote islands)
    • The Mariana Islands (1 primary islands, 14 remote islands)
    • Tuvalu (1 primary island, 8 remote islands)

    * serving Tonga since 2013
    ** serving Fiji since 2014

    As you can see, that is a huge territory that we have before us, with 1,000's of inhabited remote islands and nearly 200,000 "at risk" remote islanders. As you can imagine, we desperately need your help if we are to reach and support these neglected islands and people. There are several ways to help:

    • Keep us in your thoughts and prayers
    • Spread the word about Sea Mercy and our programs!
      • Email a friend, share our Facebook posts, write an article, etc.
      • Introduce us to people of influence who care and enjoy helping others
    • Join a 2017 rotation
    • Register online to join a future rotation in Tonga, Fiji or Vanuatu
    • Encourage your company/office to join Sea Mercy's "We Care" program
      • Mutual link, scholarship, sponsorship, other?
    • Make a donation to Sea Mercy!

    Individually it is impossible for us to meet all the needs in the South Pacific, but working together we can accomplish what had been viewed as an impossible challenge. Thank you for your support and belief in what we are doing for the remote island people of the South Pacific.

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