Global Services Ltd.’s Donation Saves Sea Mercy Time and Money

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Sometimes, it's the little things that matter most

Global Services Ltd, a marine inventory supply company based in the UK, has donated its services to Sea Mercy’s new humanitarian flagship, the Sea Bridge One project.

Following the release of the Sea Bridge One's blueprints by naval architects Dykstra and Louis Hamming (Vitters Shipyard), Global Services is set to provide the extensive engineering and fit out inventory that a hard-working ocean going vessel needs.

“We are here to make Sea Mercy’s job simple; by taking the hard work out of creating the list of everything Sea Bridge One will need on-board. It’s a great pleasure to share our experience and skills learnt over the years – a real sense of giving something back. Global Services are proud to support Sea Mercy; their work is incomparable.” Richard Gardiner, Director, Global Services Ltd

Global Services will provide an exhaustive inventory ranging from engineering spare parts and safety equipment through to galley items and linen. Professionals in the Superyacht industry, Global Services Ltd. has been providing on-board inventory to Superyachts and commercial operators since 1995.

An ocean going ship travelling far from commercial ports must carry all it needs on board. Presented with breakage or loss of equipment, ships’ operators are often frustrated in their efforts to find replacements. Given the remote areas Sea Bridge One will operate in, and considering particularly the nature of its environment post emergency, the offer of support from Global Services will allow Sea Bridge One to continue its missions with minimum interruption.

“There is nothing more frustrating than a breakage at sea, on the other side of the world and in a different time zone to your supplier. Global Services’ generous donation saves us time and money, and lets us get on with our mission.” Patrick Whetter, Sea Bridge One Captain

Negotiations are continuing with shipyards for the commencement of Sea Bridge One's construction.

Patrick Whetter,

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