Local Internships with Sea Mercy

Sea Mercy will be working directly with the governmental and educational agencies in each region to select medical, dental and eye care interns to travel and work with the Sea Mercy staff as they visit each remote island. Based on the selection of each intern, they will assist and work closely with their peirs to not only learn advanced techniques from the Sea Mercy staff, but to educate and train the Sea Mercy staff on the challenges and issues that the island nations are experiencing so that new and improved programs can be developed from hands on experience and guidance.

Sea Mercy Selects Target Regions for Floating Clinic

After careful research and evaluation of existing programs, successful and unsuccessful past programs of other organizations, and the "need of the hour" requests and evaluations from independent international health organizations, the advisors and staff of Sea Mercy has selected four regions in the South Pacific that they will be establishing floating health clinics in the coming years.


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