RISE Volunteer Transport Schedule

Sea Mercy's Landing Craft will pick you up and drop you off at Lawaki Beach

RISE Volunteer Opportunities

RISE is a land-based program that strives to help return the people living on the remote islanders in the South Pacific to the healthy, self-sustaining and thriving communities they once were through health, education and agricultural based programs. Take a moment look over some of the incredible volunteer opportunities that are available and waiting for you this August in Fiji. Volunteering has never been this much fun or rewarding.

Building a Sea Bridge of HOPE

We are very excited to speak to the International Yachting Community about the incredible role it plays in disaster response work. From the private yachts and Superyachts on the front line, to the thousands of organizations in the yachting community who build them and keep them running. Together it allows them to 'sail with a greater purpose' and what makes this community one of the most influential and benevolent organizations in the world.

Thank You Matson Foundation!

Matson has been a wonderful partner and supporter of Sea Mercy and our programs in the South Pacific (see below). We are so grateful for their continued support and belief in our organization and volunteers and in other organizations they support across the South Pacific.

Dear Mr. Hackett:

Tyrepower Supports Sea Mercy



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