Water for Kadavu – Following Cyclone Harold

Left to Right: Commissioner Eastern, Mr. Vitale Varo. Minister for Rural Maritime Development and Disaster Management, Mr. Inia Seruiratu. Neil Towner, Oceania. Permanent Secretary, David Kolitagane. Ministry of Infrastructure and Utility, George Tavo.


Sea Mercy has always preferred the approach of being ‘prepared’ for a natural disaster vs. ‘reacting’ to one. Since Cyclone Winston in 2016, Sea Mercy and her sponsors have been gradually buying and staging what we feel is the most needed emergency response aid following a natural disaster and placing it in our secure Sea Mercy Fiji HQ facility in Port Denarau, Fiji. Non-perishable aid that included:

  • 250 Sawyer water filter and bucket kits
  • 7 Small portable solar desalination units
  • Spectra LB2800 desalination unit, generator and water distribution lines
  • Large Cathelco T50 desalination unit, generator and water distribution lines
  • Tents, tarps and miscellaneous aid

While many international NGO’s were trying to secure and organize aid in the chaos of a disaster, Sea Mercy was arranging for the delivering our staged emergency aid and equipment to devastated areas. Even though COVID-19 had locked down our First Response Fleet, our disaster response team was still able to organize and deliver our staged emergency aid within days, not weeks or months. One of our biggest staged items is our Cathelco T50 Desalination unit and generator (see above). Producing over 50,000 litres of clean drinking water per day, this can generate enough drinking water for over 10,000 people.

Sea Mercy loaned this unit to the Fiji NDMO leadership to support the emergency water needs in Kadavu and the Southern Lau group following the devastation of Cyclone Harold (along with the generator, hoses and fittings allowing it to be operated on land or from a barge).

Sea Mercy also has loaned one of our Spectra LB2800 desalination units (generator and distribution hoses and pumps) to the Vanuatu NDMO leadership to meet the emergency water needs in their northern islands. In addition, Sea Mercy has donated and delivered over 800 Sawyer water filter bucket kits for families and 60 high capacity Wateroam water filters to support small villages. It felt great to be prepared.


Of the $95,000 US in emergency aid purchased and delivered to Vanuatu and Fiji to date (April 28th), over $40,000 of that emergency aid came directly from Sea Mercy’s aid storage facility. Although using Sea Mercy’s staged aid is exactly why it was created, it has been greatly depleted and our ability to respond to the next disaster in the South Pacific is at risk.

As our disaster response efforts for our island nation partners wind down over the next 6 months, please keep us in mind for a future donation to restock our staging center with non-perishable emergency aid. In the interim, please support our ongoing disaster recovery efforts in the South Pacific by making a donation via the below secure portal.

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