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Northern Lau Food Initiative

We've done it before - Can you help us to do it again please?

This time last year Sea Mercy received an urgent appeal for food from our friends in Northern Lau.

With your help we raised our target of US$ 4000 in a weekend. The island communities of Avea, Cikobia and Susui  received their supplies the following week. This year, more severe Covid restrictions are not only once again preventing them selling their fish but also anything else that they produce. Consequently they have no cash to buy food staples, which are already in short supply in Vanua Balavu.

Clean Drinking Water Delivered!

Bringing Clean Water to every 'at risk' Village

More Water Filters are on the way!


Head of MALAMPA health cluster and Provincial Health Manager, Salome Kenneth, confirmed that an 8 month old baby from a village in Makekula died on Sunday after suffering from dehydration due to diarrhea.


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