Marshall & Dr. Signe Juul

Welcome Aboard!

Marshall and Signe started working with Sea Mercy in 2018 and their volunteer role is expanding quickly to help us meet the needs in the South Pacific. Their dream and our goal for them is to have them lead the first Sea Mercy medical mission (Floating Health Care Clinic) program for the Solomon Islands and their 900+ remote islands. Signe and Marshall will be joining a Floating Health Care Clinic rotation in 2019 as they begin planning their purchase of their own vessel to join the growing Sea Mercy fleet of volunteer vessels in the South Pacific.

A Little About Them

Marshall is a carpenter from Florida who grew up on a boat sailing the Caribbean until he was thirteen. Later in life he moved to a small island out of Panama where he spend 10 years working as a carpenter and boat builder. Marshall has a great deal of experience in working in isolated areas and can fix anything with limited resources.

Like Marshall, Signe grew up on a boat circumnavigating the globe with her family for 5 years. In 2017 she graduated a doctor of Medicine from University of Southern Denmark among the top 4% of her class. During medical school Signe volunteered in slum clinics in Nairobi, Kenya and worked as a veterinary assistant in Mongolia. While finishing her degree she moved to Panama where she met Marshall. For two years she worked for the Floating Doctors - a NGO providing healthcare to isolated indigenous island communities in Panama. Signe conducted research and wrote an article on how geographic isolation modulates health (Published in the Journal of Global Health, 2018.)

Subsequently she facilitated a collaboration between University of Southern Denmark and The Floating Doctors, through a Global Health course, where she work as a course convener and project manager.

Marshall and Signe married in Denmark 2018, and now live in rural Norway.

Donations to Sea Mercy for Medical Equipment & Supplies

Below is a secure donation button that goes directly to Sea Mercy to support our medical supplies needs for the Floating Health Care Clinic program in the South Pacific. This is not a donation to us personally, nor will we have access to those funds except to purchase medical supplies and equipment for Sea Mercy operations.

The Floating Clinic in Solomon Islands

We are a couple working towards our dream and future plan: Buying a sailboat and using it as a floating clinic from which we will provide free medical care to the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific. If you also believe that healthcare should be a right and not a privilege, please help us on our journey towards this goal.

Although we are both working really hard to gather the money for the sailboat and our livelihood 6 months out of the year, it will not be possible for us to come up with the full amount ourselves.

This donation will go towards our efforts to make this dream come true. It will help us get our boat and maritime equipment needed to build the floating clinic. Since this will be an ongoing lifestyle, our boat (which will be privately owned) will serve both as our home and a clinic.

To financially support their vessel purchase efforts, please use the below secure PayPal link:

All donations through this link are donations directly to Signe & Marshall and are not tax deductible via the Sea Mercy charity. If you have questions about In-kind donations, please contact Dr. Juul directly at

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