Sea Bridge Volunteer Registration

An aerial video of the remote island of Tuvuca in the remote islands of Fiji.

The most incredible "working vacation" ever!

If you love adventure, helping people, and would love to spend a week (or longer) on remote tropical islands in the South Pacific, then you do not want to miss joining one of our Sea Bridge Recovery program for Fiji following Cyclone Winston.

How can you help make a difference?

As a Sea Bridge volunteer, you will be working directly with the local islanders to help them rebuild their homes, restore clean drinking water, and replant destroyed farms and gardens. Our goal is to return them as quickly as possible to the healthy and thriving communities they once were.

What does volunteering look like (how does it work)?

You can volunteer for one or more weeks from June through Ocotber. After flying to Fiji (final destination is will be in Vanua Balavu or Taveuni), you will join other international volunteers and experts and transported via sailing or motor yacht to the remote islands needing assistance (30-60 miles away). You will be stationed in the remote village and all meals, shelter, equipment and supplies (including medical teams) will be provided. Based on your stated abilities, areas of expertise, and arrival date, you will assist the local islanders with the implementation of the various programs. Two of the seven volunteer days per week will be allocated for personal time in order to enjoy the incredible beauty of the islands and the people you are working with. At the end of your time with us, you will be delivered back to the airport on Vanua Balavu or TAveuni to return home, or to extend your stay on Fiji to explore other parts of this beautiful island nation of 300 islands.

Covering Costs

We are only asking our Sea Bridge volunteers to help offset their land-based and inter-island transport costs (food, water, fuel, housing, sleeping cots, sleep netting, equipment, insurance, emergency evacuation flight reserve, and onsite medical team). These combined costs are approximately $495 per person, per week (not counting the $100 application fee).

Getting started?

There are limited number of volunteer opportunities, so if you are considering or interested in joining us (or would like more information on the Sea Bridge program), we encourage you to begin the application process by completing the below registration form. By completing this form, you are not contractually obligated to a volunteer time, only to get your volunteer process started. One of our volunteer coordinators will follow-up with you at their earliest opportunity.

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