RISE Volunteer Registration

Thank you for considering to be a Sea Mercy RISE Volunteer. Please complete the below form and attach your resume, cover letter (optional) and any additional information you feel is important and can add value to the RISE Program and team selection. We will review your information and talent and match you to the selected project(s) that you are interested in volunteering for.

5 Steps to RISE Program Volunteering:

    STEP 1:
    Complete online registration form below (no obligation).

    STEP 2:
    Sea Mercy will email you a full volunteer application and waiver form. To hold your volunteer week(s), please complete and send the application back to Sea Mercy at your earliest opportunity. Please use the secure RISE Program Fee/Donation Processing page for the $50 (USA) non-refundable application fee/donation. The $50 application fee/donation will be applied to your first week costs.

    STEP 3:
    Sea Mercy will review your application and notify you of your volunteer approval in order to proceed.

    STEP 4:
    Book round-trip flights to Nadi, Fiji per the RISE Transport Schedule based on your selected volunteer week(s) and provide Sea Mercy with a copy of your flight schedule so that we can schedule transportation.

    STEP 5:
    Submit the remainder of your volunteer fee/donation to Sea Mercy (by mail if in the USA) or via our secure RISE Program Fee/Donation Processing page (PayPal or credit card):

      $500 for initial week
      $350 for each consecutive week.

Please call (541-935-5846) or email us (info@seamercy.org) with any questions.

Make sure your passport will not expire within 6 months of your rotation.
Please select if you are traveling as an "individual" volunteer, or if you are coming as a "team" of three or more. If you select "Team Leader", make sure you share your name and selected volunteer week(s) date with those on your team (they will also need to register and insert your name).
Select the desired weeks you would like to volunteer for (use Ctrl key for multiple weeks).
Please note: The maximum file size is 2mb
Please note: The maximum file size is 2mb
Please note: The maximum file size is 2mb
Sea Mercy sends out a monthly newsletter to their registered volunteers and notices of new volunteer openings. Would you like to receive the newsletter and notices?
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